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Re: [IP] Pizza Bolus

   Considering how problematic pizza is almost universally, sounds like this 
recipe is well-worth sharing!
   For the record, my daughter finds that if she gives her entire bolus for 
the pizza & then ALSO increases her basal rates for the next 4-5 hours about 
40% higher (i.e. if she gets .6/hour, she increases it to 1.0 /hr for those 
4-5 hours) she can generally avoid that pizza blood sugar rebound. Earlier 
"experiments" with square wave, dual wave, etc were all dismal failures. Of 
course, as always, YMMV ...or as I prefer to call it, "the snowflake theory" 
- no 2 diabetics are alike, ergo no doctor's formulaic approach is going to 
work for all patients. By not offering this "disclaimer" up-front, physicians 
do immeasureable psychic damage to compliant patients who feel badly for not 
having better success!
    Off the soapbox & out to run errands...
Regards, Renee (Melissa's pump mom)
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