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Re: [IP] stem cells

In a message dated 4/29/01 11:36:09 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> yes this IS an issue because we are playing with
> fire by playing with life both on the point of using fertilized eggs and for
> the recepient of the stem cells.

Ok, here's my question to you Ginny or anyone else opposed to stem cell 
research (And please don't think I'm picking on you, I'm just trying to 
understand like everyone else. I know why I do or believe things, I'd like 
also like to know why others do things too.).... you say that we are, 
'playing with fire' when we use fertilized eggs, but aren't we doing that BY 
fertilizing eggs that would not have normally been fertilized on their own? 
Like I said before, a lot of these are coming from places that will not be 
using these embryos otherwise. So why throw em out?? Why not use them to help 
save lives? Is it better to just throw them out? (There isn't going to be any 
sort of funeral for them. Just a soft, "flush" noise perhaps??) My arguement 
is this.... IF _____ (Insert higher power name here...ie...God, Buddah, 
Allah, etc) hadn't meant for us to use these embryos, he/she/it would never 
have given us the knowledge on how to do it in the first place.  They of 
course, wouldn't have let those embryos become a cure for diseases. It 
would've been something else... a flower, plant or other kind of animal 
perhaps. ?? I don't know but this is just my thought.  (Oh I can just see 
what I've started now! No flaming, please. Do it privately if I've ticked you 
off or if you feel like I've peed in your Wheaties(Just an expression) Don't 
get your panties in a was in other words. It's just a post, won't harm 
anyone, it's a lowly diabetics feelings on the subject.
<Ducking and Running for cover as Ms Sara Smarty Pants would say!!!>
Thanks everyone!!
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