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[IP] RE: Stem Cell Research Alert

> Dear Members,

> Currently, President Bush is in the process of
making a decision regarding
> federal funding for stem cell research,

No he's not. The decision was made long ago.
Remember that papa was against it and Dubya made a
campaign promise to follow the same stem cell
restrictions.  For him to go back on this would earn
my absolute respect.

> and he is receiving a lot of
> pressure to oppose it. Please take 5 minutes TODAY
to go to the following
> web site to contact President Bush. There is a
form letter which you can
> use as is or modify (make more personal; give
diabetes a face!), and you
> can fax it directly from this site or print for
mailing. It was very easy!

> http://www.stemcellfunding.org/fastaction/

I will try this, but feel that it has little chance
of effecting Dubya's views.  He should know how few
people believe the way that he does and how many it
will alienate.

> Stem cell research does not endanger another
child's life, as the cells are
> derived from surplus eggs created for the purpose
of in vitro
> fertilization.

What is amazing is that so many people have no
remote idea where stem cells are derived from.  Many
people will still believe that stem cell research is
making a black market for aborted fetuses.  It is
not unethical, immoral, anti-religious, etc.  It
should be criminal to NOT use these cells for good.
If the stem cells are not used, they will be flushed
and will be of no use to anyone, and would be a
total waste.  They will still be produced in these
fertility clinics.  Stopping stem cell research will
not 'save' one fetus.  It will only cost lives of
those possibly saved.

I apologize if my views are offensive to anyone.  If
someone can show me that one fetus was harmed, in
this type of research, I will quickly change my
views.  If Dubya does change his support, he will
have a new convert to his side.
Jack Granowski
dx 10/66, Disetronic 7/93
Get your facts first, and then you can distort them
as much as you please.
 - Mark Twain
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