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Re: [IP] Complicated first Occlusion Error changed to Corn on the Cob

>In a message dated 4/29/01 8:58:34 PM, email @ redacted writes:
><<  it's not listed in any carb books:  Corn on the Cob. >>
>The USDA nutrition index lists 100 g of edible portion as 21.880 g carb and a
>typical Fast Food buttered corn on the cob as 31.945 g.  I usually use 20
>myself for the 9 inch or so size that I cook in the microwave with nothing
>added -- I wonder if they are assuming there is a carb additive in the fast
>food ones?  I guess I do tend to pick out the thinner pieces with the smaller
>kernels when I am buying them.

Thnks Linda.

Apparantly I cleard the canula by the serveral boluses.  Howerver now am in
along hypo and not sure if was due to the corn estimate or the 8 or so
boluses for it.

I never heard of "brand name or frozen corn".  What is this stuff?  I mean
the corn you buy in the big crate - just as is out of the field.  Some peop

Rgeards,el freeze corn??????

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