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Re: [IP] Complicated first Occlusion Error - Did I do this correctly?

>In a message dated 4/29/01 7:57:14 PM US Eastern Standard Time,
>email @ redacted writes:
><< Got my first 04 occlusion error.  >>
>OK. I have a MM, but recently got a "no delivery" alarm. Funny, since I'd
>just done a changeout! LOL  I had just put a Sil in the day before, so I
>changed everything but that. Called MM and they had me detach and do an
>8-unit prime. No occlusion alarm, so we ascertained that it might be a
>crimped Sil. Pulled it out and ... sho nuff!
>So -- can you detach and run a prime on the Disetronic to see if it is in the
>tubing? If not, your set could have a crimp in it.

Same for the D pumps.  I did that as i said and the disconnected bouls was
fine so did several largeer boulses into the sil to hopefully clear it and
apparantly did as three hours later I now hypo again.  Still don';t know
how much insuklin i got but another hourt and I'll be in clear.  Just glad
the 8 or so boluses cleared the canaula.  I'd never take out a new set
except as a very last resort!  they cost too much!  Bad enough it's $12 per
three days let alone changing a NEW set!  I could never do that w/o feeling
too guilty about wasting the money.


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