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[IP] stem cells

any MORAL or religious discussion of stem cell research needs to be taken to 
the spiritual IP site.  The issue HERE is not whether you believe that 
fertilized embryos are potential humans and deserve to be given that chance, 
or whether you believe they are cells that belong to the woman and man who 
produced them and if the woman and man choose NOT to have the cells develop 
further and DONATE them to science, then it is their CHOICE.

Please remember that the original post was not about right to life or 
anything like it...it was a LINK to a web site where you could go send a 
message to Dubya to show your support for continued research that could 
POSSIBLY cure diabetes, IF you think fetal stem cells could hold that 
possibility and believe in exploring ALL options to cure diabetes and all the 
other diseases that could benefit from such a discovery

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