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Re: [IP] Stem Cell Research Alert- EASY

In a message dated 4/29/01 7:07:37 PM Eastern Daylight Time, email @ redacted 
> Ginny wrote.....
> I am not in support of this source for stem cell research. Too many
> > ethical/moral/religious issues. It isn't "easy" .
> > Ginny-IDDM Type I, Parkinson'sDisease, MS, RA and other auto-immune
> diseases

       OK, I'm NOT saying that anyone is wrong here at all....I'm just here 
to clear up something that a lot of people don't understand. 
       First I need to say that NO, I'm not a researcher that has any sort of 
investment in this, just a diabetic that REALLY wants a cure for this disease 
as soon as possible!! Secondly, I'd like to say that I learned about this 
through watching those Discovery Channel shows and one day they had one on 
about stem cell research.  They explained that they do not create embryos 
just for this reason but that there are a lot of 'pre-made' embryos that get 
discarded every day. (From many different facilities) Fertility clinics for 
one do not use even 35% of the embryos they have in 'cold storage' and end up 
discarding the rest. Researchers/scientists and doctors all want to utilize 
these embryos that would otherwise just be thrown away. I feel, and this is 
just my lowly opinion of course, that it would be a wonderful thing for these 
embryos to be used to save lives rather than be thrown away.  At first, I too 
had a bit of a problem with this, using human babies for research? 
Hmmm...sounded rather unethical to me but then, when I learned more about 
this, I started to feel that there is a lot of good that can come out of 
this. You know, we'd all not be here now if there wasn't research done 
previously on other animals. I for one went to the web site and put in my 
info so Pres Bush will know that I feel this NEEDS to be done. I'm sorry if I 
offended anyone, that's not what I set out to do, everyone believes what they 
believe whether it's a moral, religious or other issue. I just wanted to 
throw in a little bit of info that I learned to help others understand it's 
not as gory as it seems.
Thanks for listening, 
(*Again, PLEASE do not write back and 'flame' me, this is just my opinion and 
last time I checked, I was entitled to it.  Have a great day!!!)
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