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Re: [IP] Re: missed diagnoses

In a message dated 4/29/01 4:02:45 PM Central Daylight Time,
email @ redacted writes:

> Then you recenlty posted this:
> >>>> this reminds me of how i was dx'd!  i was in 7th grade and was
> participating in the school science fair....  >>>>

You people have great minds....LOL  I just got another email about the same
thing and this was my response.... I really have to be careful of my typos
now, but you have to remember that one post was the night of or maybe the day
after i had that seizure and had to be rushed to the ER!  It's surprising
that I didn't screw the story up even further...LOL
(my response to last post)
I'm sorry... I was 12 years old in 8th grade when that happened but 10, just
turning 11, when i was dx'd...I wrote that message the day after my seizure,
etc, and probably wasn't thinking straight.  I also skipped a year in school,
so that makes up for a year's difference in the grades in school not
matching... So yes, I had D for 'about' two years when this whole thing
happened...I skipped the 6th grade :O)
Sorry for the confusion :O(
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