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[IP] How son was diagnosed


Boy do I feel lucky when I think of how my son was diagnosed.  It was the end 
of the school year and my son needed a quick physical to go to Boy Scout Camp 
in 2 weeks.  We had an appointment with our family practice doctor on a 
Monday after school.  One of the checks he had to make was urine.  Kevin peed 
in a cup and had an elevated sugar count.  He did a finger prick and his 
reading was 309.  (Of course that number meant nothing to me at that point.)  
He had just eaten a sickening sweet icee drink on the way over to the doctors 
office.  I rationalized the high level but the doctor had us do a fasting 
test the next day and an a1c.  Well, by Thursday of that week we went back to 
the doctor and got the news.  After talking to the pediatric endo, we 
immediately took our "healthy 11 year old" who had no other symptoms to the 
emergency room when he was admitted for the weekend.  He was probably the 
healthiest diabetic they had ever seen-they were ready to hook him up to an 
IV but realized it was unnecessary.  After a 48 hour crash course in 
diabetes-we were let go from the hospital and sent home.  I am happy to say 
that Kevin went off to a week long Boy Scout camp (500 boys and no running 
water) and survived.  I barely made it at home but knew I had to let him go. 
Well, 3 years have past and the mm508 has helped us a great deal.  I will 
never forget how the Boy Scouts save the day for my son.  It would have been 
months before symptoms would have been evident.

Janet in Ohio
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