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[IP] Fat Question Rollercoaster Book

A question came up as I was reading the book Stop the Rollercoaster by Walsh.
On page 62 it says:
Fat in the diet can also affect blood sugar control.  On the one hand, fat
delays the intestinal absorption of carbohydrate and can reduce the expected
rise in blood sugars after a meal.  Ice cream, which has a low glycemic index
, b& is a good example of this.  On the other hand, high fat meals may create
resistance to insulin for eight to 16 hours after a meal and make the blood
sugar rise.  Pizza is a good example of this.

Ibll assume that the sugar in ice cream turns to glucose just as quickly as
pizza crust with tomato sauce.  Ibd also expect the cream in ice cream to
slow the rise in blood sugar.  What is it about mozzarella that behaves
differently than frozen cream?  If lard, coconut and soybean oils behaved
differently, I might understand but cheese and cream come from the same udder.
Or does the phrase resistance to insulin refer to persons already insulin
resistant, typically pear shaped type 2s?

When does fat interfere with insulin and when does fat slow carb absorption?
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