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[IP] Re: Docs and their patients


    Given the list of mistakes that your physician made, I've got one question
for you:  Why didn't you find a new doc after mistake #1?
    Some food for thought, depending on the type of doc you choose, you've got
to realize that most Endo's don't do a great job of preventative medicine /
general health maintenance; they're concentrating on your DM.  Hell, in my 17
yrs with my old doc in NJ (an Endo) I don't think he ever really gave me a
complete physical nor did he ever evaluate my records (this caused some
problem when I went to college because we couldn't find my immunization
records and he had let me slide on an MMR and a least 1 tetanus booster not to
mention the Hep B vaccine.)  So where to turn?  Maybe look for a FP (family
practitioner) who has other diabetic patients.  An FP can do the routine
diabetes evaluations as well as deal with the general health issues that we
all have on top of our diabetes.  In addition, if there are any complication
and FP can assist the Endo by maintaining a closer eye on you.
    I can understand why you are upset with the medical profession, you seem
to have had more than you share of medical mis-cues.  But you need to remember
physicians are human too.  As someone who has spent 4 years of my life (on top
of college) trying to get into medical school, 2 years in medical school, and
is looking at another 7 years of education before I can hang my own shingle, I
pray to God that I never make the serious mistakes that some physicians have
made.  I know I will make mistakes, I just hope I catch them in time.

<<    In the Past TWO YEARS ALONE -
1.  Doctors have MISSED completely a 5 pound type3 colon cancer - almost
cost my life
2.  Miss-dx'd my DM for 4 years as type II, when a simple blood test
would show that I was a Late onset Type I
3.  Given me a 10x shot of insulin - and did not realize their mistake
4.  After the 10x overdose - would not admit to the mistake, and wanted
me to "leave the office - and drive myself to theER"
5.  Missed my neighibor's heart attack(at a MAJOR Large level I trama
6.  Dispensed wrong meds x5
    And on and on and on.....
Read ANY medical profesional journal and you will find that the number and
severity of mistakes are increasing and
At an increasing rate. The accountability and displinary actions are
DECREASING until it is almost a laughing matter to
Many many doctors. >>

Sean L. Finnerty, MS II
Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine
Kirksville, Missouri
email @ redacted

"Yesterday is History; Tomorrow is a Mystery; Today is a Gift ...
That is why they called the Present!"
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