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[IP] Stem Cell Research Alert

Dear Members,

Currently, President Bush is in the process of making a decision regarding
federal funding for stem cell research, and he is receiving a lot of
pressure to oppose it. Please take 5 minutes TODAY to go to the following
web site to contact President Bush. There is a form letter which you can
use as is or modify (make more personal; give diabetes a face!), and you
can fax it directly from this site or print for mailing. It was very easy!


Stem cell research does not endanger another child's life, as the cells are
derived from surplus eggs created for the purpose of in vitro
fertilization. They have the ability to grow into any tissue or organ in
the body and hold promise for major breakthroughs and cures for diseases
and conditions, such as juvenile diabetes, Alzheimer's, Parkinsons, cancer
heart disease, spinal cord injury, etc. Adult-derived stem cells do not
have the same capacity for proliferation as those obtained from in vitro
fertilized eggs. The NIH guidelines have ethical safeguards to prevent
abuse of this science. Another good website for information is..


Thank you,
Pam Townley
Parent of Christine (21 years old, diabetes 12 year, pumping 2 years)
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