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Re: [IP] Anniversary of diagnosis


My daughter was diagnosed two years ago at the age of 18 months.  Every year
we throw a party to celebrate her "new life" and get her portraits taken on
that day! (Hers is February 4th)  Its like she gets two birthdays every

I was told when she was diagnosed, it's like a new baby, you feed it and
take care of it so we celebrate just as we would if we did have a new baby!

Hope this helps,
Missi, Mom to Rachel and Blossom (MM508), 3 1/2, pumping 4+ weeks.

> same determination and courage.   I want to do something to make sure she
> knows how proud we are of her, but it certainly is a bittersweet occasion
> I sort of feel a party quite right.
>  I would really appreciate suggestions on how others mark the anniversary
> diagnosis and if anyone has done anything for you that was particularly
> meaningful.
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