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Re: [IP] Re: DKA & Missed Dx (our story)

I cannot believe DR's. I was living with my best friend back in Jan, her 6 yr 
old started urinating a lot to the point of wetting himself. This was very 
unusual for him snce he was potty trained at 1 1/2. whenever we cooked dinner 
he was right there complaining that he was hungry. this went on for about a 
week when his father hed him for the weekend and he wet himself there too. 
His da droppped him off on Sun and called us on Mon and said that someone he 
worked with suggested D. I FELT LIKE AN IDIOT, he I was living in the house 
with this child and I did not recognize any of the signs, until his father 
called us. Not to mention his teacher also did not recognize the signs and 
she too is a diabetic. I tested hie BG with my meter and it just read HIGH, 
My friend called her Dr and said to bring him in right away and they admitted 
him to the hosp for a week. The Dr asked why did we test, and my friend said 
that i was diabetic and thought it was a good idea and the DR told her that 
it was the best thing to do 'cause if she had just called to make an appt for 
her 6 yr old wetitng himself they prob would not have seen him for atleast a 
week. but because of the BG info they saw him Immediately. Now her son goes 
to their Dr and says I WANT A PUMP JUST LIKE AUNT GLORIA. it is too funny 
cause they all ask his mother to quit putting this into his head they want to 
wait til he is out of the Honeymoon stage .And my BF has never suggested it 
to him at all he just remembers my pump and that i didnot take 3-4 shots per 
day. I cant wait til the day she tells me that he is getting his pump!!!1

dx 01/97
Pumper since 08/00
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