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[IP] Re: DKA & Missed Dx (our story)

I could have written the previous POST about taking my son to the doctor and
him thinking I was paranoid!  I took our 2 year old about 4 times in a couple
weeks as he kept getting thirstier and less active. I couldn't leave the room
without him crying for me and I never saw him happy and running around for
ages!  The doctor said the test for diabetes was too traumatic (!!!) for a 2
year old so why put him through it.  I agreed as I just didn't know!  He said
it was an ear infection again (7 of them in about 6 months) and that the 80oz
of water he guzzled (a day!) was nothing to worry about, he was just
active...Well, my hubby's Grandmother died and we drove 8 hours to the city
where the funeral was, so I booked an appointment with a city Dr.  He too said
it was not likely D as it is not in either family, so we tested his urine and
sure enough.

At diagnosis our son had a bg of 775, and was in bad shape...He was hooked up
to IV and we were told that they would watch to see if they could get his bg
down with no brain swelling, told us all about DKA and that he would be
considered critical for the next 12 hours.  FINALLY, they told us he was
responding. We spent 5 days in the Pediatric Intensive Care ward in isolation
(as he had been exposed to chicken pox) and by Day 5 we were SO grateful he
only had diabetes!  We were in a ward where we could look out our isolation
window into the ward where children had grieving parents by their sides, and I
KNEW that THEIR parents would have given anything to give their children a
needle for the rest of their lives, if only their child could play and run and
laugh for them...By day 5 our son was jumping up and down on his bed in the
PICU and laughing and looked 100% better!

I cried when we got back home as I saw his potty chart had 17 stars on it in 4
hours...I scrubbed his bed that was soaked every night pre-dx (through 2
diapers on top of each other...) I mourned the loss of a healthy child but
revelled in the laughter and happiness we now had thanks to an accurate
diagnosis.  No more having to watch my son drink his bath water, no more
pictures of him with the ever-present bottle or cup of water...I got to watch
him actually run around the house!  WHat a huge relief.

I can only hope that our original Dr. learned a big lesson from this, and
would test anyone with any signs of D now, no matter how young they were. It
is a constant battle as you all know and understand 100% but we do the best we
can.  The pump is a Godsend and I am grateful for the normalcy it has brought
to our lives.

Take care all...
(mom to 5 year old, pumping almost 9 months!)
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