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Re: [IP] denial

In a message dated 4/28/01 3:18:56 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> I am having a hard time admitting to my diabetic lifestyle.  I tell myself I
> am diabetic, I realize I am diabetic.  I tell others I am diabetic, yet I do
> not live as a diabetic.

      Yes, Jenni, a lot of diabetics have that problem. I'm not sure if a lot 
of them are on pumps though. I did have that problem prior to having my 
daughter at 21 and at that time I had been diabetic for 10 years. Now, I'm 31 
and am SO sorry I lived like that. I am now paying the price for messing up. 
I have retinopahy(lost most of my eyesight) I have neuropathy, nephropathy, 
gastroparesis, etc. All of these things are a result of my careless behavior. 
IF I had thought for even a moment that my life would be this way  now, I 
would have taken MUCH better care of myself. Especially if I had a pump, it's 
easy to just push a couple of buttons and give yourself that little bit of 
extra that you need. However, I bet at that time if someone like myself had 
told me this would happen, I'd not have listened to them anyhow. We tend to 
learn from our own mistakes and I really hope that you never have to deal 
with what I'm going through, it's just not worth it!! 
       We are all here for you if you ever need anyone to talk to or ask 
questions to. I've only been pumping for a week now and everyone here has 
helped me out so much I don't think I could ever live without them now!! 
Please think about what you are doing to your body....you only have one and 
you don't really own it....you're renting it for a while and should do your 
best to take care of it while you do have it. 
       Maybe if you took a class or two on pumping or went to a support group 
meeting you could get back on track with what you need to do. I know that the 
MM rep I talked to one time told me that they had to demand someone give 
their pump back because of noncompliance. I hope that doesn't happen to you 
Wishing you good luck on everything, 
Elizabeth   >^..^<
dx 10-01-81 (Florida) type 1
Currently pumping with 'TinkerBell'
(my Dis Htron) awaiting the arrival
of 'Bruno' (my back ordered Dis Dtron)
Also with 'Freddy'(FreeStyle blood meter) and
Hopefully (still) getting 'Skippy' (MM508) 
Started pumping on my own 4-21-01 and am 
SO happy I did!!! My sugars are GREAT!!!
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