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Re: [IP] Lily's Accomplishments

WOW!!!  Lilly sounds like a wonderful young lady. I'm sure you are beaming 
over all of this. (Of course I'm sure you're also nervous about it a bit too) 
 My little sister (gee, maybe I shouldn't call her that since she is 3 inches 
taller than me now) is graduating this year from Roswell High in Georgia at 
the age of 16!! She's a smart little bugger and she found out at 13years old 
that she too is a type 1.  She's done so well in school and had the 
opportunity to jump ahead another grade two different times!! This also goes 
to show how well these girls have done taking care of their diabetes! My sis 
just received her (MM508) pump and will start some time this summer before 
school starts. I myself think she's a little young to be going off to college 
but this is what she wanted and she did earn the right with the good grades 
she got. I just thought she should wait a year but she's too anxious. She's 
on her way to Georgetown University in Washington, DC.  
So, Congrats to Lilly Michael, I'm sure she will do great in school, she's 
already got so much going for her....good grades, her insulin pump and of 
course a GREAT dad to give her the support she needs.
All my best to you and Lilly, 
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