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Re: [IP] DKA and missed diagnoses

In a message dated 4/28/01 4:15:53 PM !!!First Boot!!!, email @ redacted 

<< Renee (Melissa's pump mom whose "gut" knew something was wrong, 
 which prompted me to take in an unsolicited urine specimen to the 
 pediatrician WITHOUT Melissa, who was off at school..they thought I was nuts 
 UNTIL they dipped it & then THEY (the doc's staff) went nuts! Her bgs upon 
 admission were 146 (of course it had taken so l-o-n-g to get through the 
 admission process that she hadn't eaten in about 7 hours!) >>
OMG!  I could have written this!  When my son was 2, I looked up his symptoms 
in my medical book and it sounded like diabetes.  I took him to the doctor 3 
times in 3 weeks and handed him the diagnosis.  He told me he "didn't want to 
put him through the test."  He thought I was an overworried, crazy mother.  I 
bought Clinistix from the pharmacy and checked his urine myself and lo and 
behold, it turned the darkest purple.  I called the doc and what did he say?  
My son has a low renal threshold.  I kept checking his urine that day and 
checked the next morning after fasting all night and it still turned the 
darkest shade of purple.  I took him to the hospital and I will never forget 
that "the test" he didn't want to put him through was a simple finger prick! 
His bs was 378, mild ketones.  Didn't have to be put on IV.  Doctor's 
response was "I'll be darned."  We Moms know to trust our gut feeling!
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