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At 09:47 AM 4/28/2001 Jose Ribeiro wrote:
 >I am an IP user since October/99, so my tw-year period will be over
 >soon (within 5 months) - the question is: what kind of action people
 >in the same situation is taking? What people in the near past did? I'd
 >like to receive answers not only through the IP list, but through my
 >e-mail address, please: email @ redacted

I'm not sure what you mean by the "two year period". If you are referring 
to your pump, most of them have a 4 year guarantee, not just 2 years. As an 
example, I got my MM in May 1998 and I'll be covered until May 2002. The 
Disetronic has a mandatory  inspection for your pump after a specified 
period of time. You'll need to contact Disetronic to find out where to send 
it, etc.

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