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Anyone know about these?
Sterling Medivations Receives Nine FDA Approvals for New and Unique Line of
Products for People With Diabetes
April 26, 2001 5:58am

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BW HealthWire)--April 26, 2001--
            Innovative Products From Sterling Medivations      Will Provide
New Customers for Retailers and Lower Prices
                       for People With Diabetes   Sterling Medivations, Inc.,
provider of unique insulin infusion solutions for people with diabetes, today
announced that it has received nine FDA 510K approvals within the past six
months for its insulin pump catheters and unique Silver Pen? and LifeMatch?
System insulin infusion devices. Sterling's founders, who have a collective
25 years as established leaders in the development of diabetes products, are
creating new opportunities for people with diabetes to deal with the everyday
challenges of their disease and creating additional market opportunities for
the product retailers and distributors who serve them.
   Sterling Medivations co-founder and CEO Joel Douglas, says, Sterling
Medivations' mission is to be the leader in providing innovative, simple, low
cost, and convenient solutions for the insulin infusion marketplace. We pride
ourselves in our dedication and our passion to serving our customers with
dignity, and effective solutions.
   The following details some of the innovative devices that underscore
Sterling's reputation as spearheading the evolution of diabetes devices to
enhance the diabetic's quality of life:
   (1) Sterling's Silver Pen, a new insulin injection device approved in
December 2000, with its unique form and function, provides the person with
diabetes substantially enhanced comfort and safety not available with other
reusable insulin pens.
   (2) Approved in April 2001, the Sterling Simplicity? line of catheters can
now be coupled with the Silver Pen to provide, for the first time, the
benefits of catheter use, previously available only to insulin pump users, to
the 4.5 million people with diabetes whose only choice for injection has been
traditional insulin pens and syringes. Dubbed The LifeMatch System, this
combination allows people with diabetes to simply and discreetly push a
plunger on the small pager-like device and directly inject their insulin
through the hidden catheter without the necessity of leaving a meeting or
social event to prepare and inject with a syringe or traditional pen. More
frequent insulin injections have been shown by several clinical trials to
lead to better disease control, and the privacy and convenience of LifeMatch,
with resulting improved disease management, will make it a favorite of both
people with diabetes and their health care providers.
   (3) With the approval of Sterling's new line of Simple Choice? Soft and
Winged style catheters, people with diabetes will, for the first time, be
able to purchase their insulin infusion catheters, previously available only
from insulin pump makers, direct from their local pharmacies and drug
retailers. Sterling's catheters, compatible with all current insulin pumps,
will now be conveniently available at local pharmacies and will offer the
user substantial price reductions and the retailer new opportunities to serve
a new class of customer.
   (4) In addition to Sterling's Soft and Winged style catheters, Silver Pen
and LifeMatch, Sterling has now developed and obtained FDA approval for its
innovative new line of catheters, the Sterling Y Catheters?. With the
Sterling Y, the user will now, for the first time, be able to use both an
insulin pump catheter and traditional syringes and insulin pens, at the same
time, without multiple painful sticks or injections.
   (5) Rounding out the new line-up is the Sterling Infuser?. Inserted every
two to three days like a catheter, the Infuser, without tubes or pumps,
allows persons such as children who need help with their injections, or users
who simply prefer a syringe or pen, to inject their insulin without multiple,
painful sticks.
   Sterling's robust growth mode includes the establishment of a
manufacturing alliance with one of the leading manufacturers of diabetes
products in the U.S. and Japan. Sterling has also established a marketing
partnership with a major U.S. supplier of diabetes infusion products, and
they are in final negotiations with a major Euro/Asian distributor. In
addition, they are actively seeking marketing alliances and partnerships with
other diabetes suppliers, major retailers and distributors nationwide.
About Sterling Medivations
   Sterling's founders have more than 25 years of experience with diabetes
products and devices and have managed and taken public, start-up companies in
this arena. They founded Sterling Medivations with the express mission of
bringing innovative insulin infusion solutions to the diabetes market and to
the 4.6 million people who need daily insulin injections. Sterling raised its
first round of venture capital in July 2000 and is in the process of raising
the second round this spring. The Sterling Model includes the design,
development and protection of innovative infusion solutions coupled with
leveraging the manufacturing infrastructure of established product
manufacturers. This, together with Sterling's strategy of building marketing
alliances with established retailers and distributors will allow Sterling to
become a dominant force in the market in 2001 and beyond. For more
information on Sterling and its products see www.sterlingmedivations.com, or
email us at email @ redacted, or call 408.297.9473, ext. 0.
    CONTACT:  Sterling Medivations, Inc., San Jose
              Cal Knickerbocker, 707/481-3204
email @ redacted    KEYWORD:  CALIFORNIA
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