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Re: [IP] day two of 'pumping'/set tubing crack

Well, to all who cares about this little experiment...it is NOT over by any 
means but I had to take the site out this afternoon.  We had apparently hit a 
vessel yesterday.  The canula and up into the hub where we took out the 
needle was full of blood.  I have a real pretty bruise at the site area now 
too.  Josh feels bad and I told him it had nothing to do with him.  I am a 
WOOS...that is all.  We will rehook up sunday and start all over again.

  Also, I would be intersted in knowing if anyone has had this problem 
before...tonight Josh's BGs sky rocketed up to 598.  I had him bolus and we 
waited to have dinner.  He bolused accordingly for dinner but an hour later 
he checked and had Moderate keytones.  We rechecked BGs to see what was 
happening.  He had gone up some more (not over 600 but REAL close).  So I did 
an injection and we waited again.  He must have drank over a gallon of 
liquids tonight.  He still had between small and moderate KTs at last check.  
 Anyway, I thought I'd check for bubbles in the line and when I did this, 
there was something in the line about 1 inch from the site tape (MM sof-sets 
micro)  So I did a 1 unit bolus to see if it would actually move down the 
tubing and guess what...it didn't move DOWN it moved OUT!  The tubing was 
completely cracked and Josh had not been getting insulin, his pump pouch has 
been!  The tube was cracked!  We did a site change and just a 1 unit bolus.  
I don't want to give more insulin until I give that injection time to really 
work and to let the drip work on him too.  He has already come down to mid 
400's now at last check (he fell asleep) and I guess I'm going to have an all 
nighter checking to make sure he is alright tonight!  I've saved the tubing 
and will call MM and send it to their QR people monday!

Has this happened to anyone else.  This is our first time with the MM sets.  
HAd this happen with Dis sets a few times (Tenders)???

mom to Joshua
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