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Re: [IP] when is a 511 NOT a 511

Sara <email @ redacted> wrote:

> hey...I have an idea...WHY DON'T THEY CURE DIABETES!!!!

Wrong reason (dollars, that is).

Diabetes is not a single disease, but is really several diseases or syndromes
with a similar effect.  Which do you wish to have them cure first?  If you go
by the greatest impact, it will be type 2, but then type 2 is probably not one

FWIW, most funding of research is academic, and industry has little impact on
what gets research dollars in academia.  The big push for NIH to better fund
diabetes research did result in more funding, but it can improve.  The problem
is that diabetes research is competing for dollars with the many forms of
cancer, HIV/AIDS, other sexually transmitted diseases, heart disease, etc.,
etc., etc., all of which are also worthy of the efforts to develop better
treatments and, where possible, cures.

It really is not helpful to be chauvinistic about diabetes research.

Jim Handsfield
mailto:email @ redacted

The opinions expressed are mine and do not necessarily reflect those of my
wife who runs this house and makes more important decisions than I do.
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