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[IP] Fw: Texas DMer's Unite!!!!

This is from a local advocate in Austin, Texas.   Rachel and I have attended
the Senate hearings, But unable to attend the House hearings.  PLEASE all
those from Texas read the following and unite!  Tell the politicians we need
this Work Group to further research in Texas.  Those from other states...
what could it hurt to write???

Thanks all,

Missi, Mom to Rachel and Blossom, 3 1/2, pumping 4 weeks

  Sent: Friday, April 27, 2001 4:50 PM
  Subject: Need help, from Lisa Straus

  Dear JDRF Advocates,

  Lisa is in New York; she just sent me this list of advocates.  Most of you
know about the bill for a diabetes research working group that we have been
developing through the Texas Legislature.  It is stuck in Local and Consent
Calendars right now.  I am copying the email which I sent to the State Leaders
yesterday.  Please, over the weekend for faxes or calls (no later than Monday
morning), let these committee members hear from you that this bill is
important!  Email or call me (713-464-8707) if you need more information.

  Thank you!
  Judy Haley

  We have the Senate version of the diabetes research work group bill out of
Public Health!   The Health Committee began its meeting last night about 7:15
(it was supposed to meet at 1:30pm), after a marathon House session which
lasted almost six hours longer than expected.  We need to give a real pat on
the back to these members who put in so much time--and for very little money.
They passed our Senate version through to the Local and Consent Calendars
Committee; this means both the House and Senate version will be sitting in the
L & C.

  Now we need faxes and/or phone calls to the all the members of the Local and
Consent Committee.  If we can get some constituents to contact them, so much
the better; but, since this is a state-wide issue, what I want is for these
members to get a LOT of calls from ALL OVER THE STATE asking them to send this
bill to the House floor next week.

  Here is what they should ask:

  For SB 1456 (Companion of HB 3155) to be sent to the floor of the House of
Representatives for a vote next week.
  Be sure they understand, in case they are asked, that this is a bill which
will create a work group of physicians, scientists and organizations
representing people with diabetes to study the burden of pediatric diabetes
upon the state of Texas, will look at state-wide research opportunities, and
will make funding recommendations for the next legislative session.

  Here is the list of members.  First number is phone, second is fax.  Please
ask our advocates to contact the office of each of these representatives, if
possible; at a minimum, they should contact the chair, the vice chair, and
anyone in their area of the state  (Dallas and San Antonio--be sure to let the
reps from those areas know you are from their hometown).  This is a time when
numbers will count.  The Local and Consent Calendars Committee will meet again
next Tuesday; we need as many calls as possible today, tomorrow, and still
Monday if necessary.  This could mean our bill will be voted and ready for
submission to the governor by next Friday!  THANK YOU ALL!

  Chair:Rep. Yvonne Davis  (District 11--Dallas)   512-463-0598
  Vice-Chair:Rep. Roberto Gutierrez  (District 41--McAllen)  512-463-0578
  Rep. Bill G. Carter  (District 91--Fort Worth)   512-463-0482
  Rep. Robert "Robby" Cook  (District 28--Eagle Lake)   512-463-0682
  Rep. Jesse Jones  (District 110--Dallas)   512-463-0664    512-463-0296
  Rep. Jim Keffer  (District 60--Eastland)   512-463-0656    512-463-5896
  Rep. Tracy O. King  (District 43--Uvalde)   512-463-0742    512-475-1648
  Rep. Ruth Jones McClendon  (District 120--Dallas)   512-463-0708
  Rep. Robert Puente  (District 119--San Antonio)   512-463-0452
  Rep. Allan Ritter  (District 21--Nederland)   512-463-0706    512-480-0744
  Rep. Burt R. Solomons  (District 65--Carrollton)   512-463-0478

  mailto:email @ redacted
  (who wants a cure sooner rather than later for her two emerging young adults
with diabetes)
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