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[IP] unfair treatments at school Really long...sorry venting


I know how aggravating the school can be.  When I get into something like
this with the school it really gnaws at me.

I didn't hear you ask for advice, but I wont let that stop me.  Apparently
the teacher is already educated but refuses to learn.  A familiar trend.
At this point I would raise a big stink.  They should be grateful that you
are so supportive of them and attend to her needs while at school.  A quick
phone call should be allowed at anytime.

A cellphone could be an option.  Keep it off while in class and use it at
recess, lunch and after school.

Simply inform the teacher and principal that unlimited phone calls are
required to adjust her insulin and carbs.  Unless they want to take on the
task.  Someone must do it.  Tell them that her idea of preventing calls is
COMPLETELY unacceptable.  There is no room for negotiating.

If they refuse, you could just call every hour to check up on her until
they cave in.

In the US you could demand a 504.  There must be a similar thing in Canada.

When she needs to communicate medically she must be allowed.

Curtis Lomax
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