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Re: [IP] day two of 'pumping'

> Well, today I noticed (well, I remember seeing something
> yesterday actually) that when you look at the clear plastic hub of
> the Sof-Set Micro, where you take out the insertion needle, that it
> looks all bloody in there!  
You probably nicked a tiny vein -- no big deal

> Josh's are not like this??!  Also today
> I am noticing that it feels warmish and stings.  Josh said that it
> is because of the salt in the water (pretty smart kid if you think
> about it!!) but now I'm thinking that the site might be trying to
> get infected (or IS) and I need to pull it out! 

Josh is probably right. There are many reports of stinging from 
newbies using saline -- this usually stops on insulin. Apparently the 
insulin is "friendlier".

> I don't have BG
> tests to base anything on (I'd give anything if Josh could have the
> BGs I've been having for two days!) so my gut (no pun intended)
> feeling is that I need to pull this thing out!  What do you think!

awk - puck -puck-puck- AWK :-) heh... heh...

If it is red it should come out. Two days is the "official" 
recommended change interval even though most pumpers change every 
three days.

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