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[IP] day two of 'pumping'

Hey everybody, I think there might be something wrong and I need to ask.  You 
know I started 'pumping' yesterday, using saline, in order to show support 
for Joshua and to help him overcome his fear of site changes.  Well, today I 
noticed (well, I remember seeing something yesterday actually) that when you 
look at the clear plastic hub of the Sof-Set Micro, where you take out the 
insertion needle, that it looks all bloody in there!   Josh's are not like 
this??!  Also today I am noticing that it feels warmish and stings.  Josh 
said that it is because of the salt in the water (pretty smart kid if you 
think about it!!) but now I'm thinking that the site might be trying to get 
infected (or IS) and I need to pull it out!  I don't have BG tests to base 
anything on (I'd give anything if Josh could have the BGs I've been having 
for two days!) so my gut (no pun intended) feeling is that I need to pull 
this thing out!  What do you think!

mom to Joshua
'pumping' day two
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