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[IP] unfair treatments at school Really long...sorry venting

Hi It's me again, Mom to Patricia 11 who happens to have  diabetes,
celiac disease and learning disabilities. She has been pumping since Feb
28 and with as much help as I could give her.I even wore the pump for a
week so we could understand more of what she would be going through.
We see better Blood sugars than before. Yes we have had some errors and
problems and uncontrolled BS but we fixed it faster than ever before. I
went through the process of explaining to her teacher and Councilor at
school what she would be doing and what, how, why and maybe when. One
statement I made was that she would need to call home when not sure
about things or something went wrong.She is responsible and serious and
yet fun loving and a really neat kid.She tries so hard to excel and
knows she is behind in school but tries her best anyways. Some days she
is moody...usually BS'ers are out of whack. Or if she got something with
gluten, she gets really ill fast and suffers bad. I thought the school
understood.I made sure as they want nothing at all to do with her
problems medically and we don't have a school nurse..
This past week, she called home on Tuesday as her site went bad and she
needed the new stuff from home. On Thursday , she was high at breakfast
and she gave the proper bolus ratio needed. At 11 am, she called home to
tell me she went through all her test strips and needed me to pick up
more.She knew we had to go buy them so she called to let me know.I got
home from the city and went to the school.The teacher exploded at me,
very upset but stayed calm. I guess alot of kids are calling home and
wanting to go home. But my kid wants to be in school and just at times,
needs to know it's ok and she is doing things right. She usually  calls
about 2 times a week. I feel like screaming, calling in the forces and
making a big noise..but I am the one who calms the others, brings in
peace and works through all the problems. Canada is so different then
the USA for medical problems and for learning problems. I just hope all
goes well and my daughter grows up knowing she is so loved, so valued
and so important that she also becomes a champion for those less
fortunate than her. Thanks for listening to a noisy venting mom, willing
partner and friend..

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