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[IP] when is a 511 NOT a 511

when it is a paradigm

Patrick wrote:
> they are talking about the business (canula) end of the 
> set. They intend to supply these sets with either a Luer-lok 
> on the tubing end (the current standard) or with the special
> Paradigm connection on the tubing end. 

So, once again, I am back to my MAIN complaint about the 511....I will no 
longer have the freedom of choice to buy Distronic Comforts or Pureline 
Tenders (or vice versa - what EVER they are called) as the MNMD 511 stuff is 
PROPRIETARY....and the 511 will be out JUST in time for them to snap up all 
those Type 2 people whose doctors prescribe the pump for them, once the study 
MNMD just funded confirms what all the type 2s here already know...that pumps 
can significantly improve the control of type 2 diabetes as well as type 1

hey...I have an idea...WHY DON'T THEY CURE DIABETES!!!!

oops silly me...i forgot this here's 'Merica...power of the buck rules


The sets will cost the same
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