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[IP] MNMD funding research

Now here is something interesting.....I am sure it is a good study in that it 
will help moe Type 2s be able to justify to insurance the need for the pump, 
but I am just a little irritated at the dia-business aspect of tthis "grant." 
 MNMD is making sure it gets all the pieces of the...er...pie...so to 
speak...prove how good pumps are for EVERYONE, and then watch the profits 
just fall into the coffers!! They are commited to helping all diabetics! that 
is great, but I still would rather have a CURE!!! 

NORTHRIDGE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 27, 2001--MiniMed Inc.announced 
today that it intends to fund a major research grant through the American 
Diabetes Association's Research Foundation.     The $600,000 grant will be 
funded over several years and will support a one-year randomized, controlled 
clinical study to determine the benefits of insulin pump therapy on glycemic 
control in insulin-using Type 2 diabetes patients aged 55 and older. MiniMed 
will present the check today at the annual American Diabetes Association 
Pinnacle Society meeting, which will be held at MiniMed's worldwide corporate 
headquarters in Northridge, California. 

Commenting on this endeavor, Alfred E. Mann, Executive Chairman of MiniMed, 
stated, "The health benefits associated with pump therapy have long been 
demonstrated for patients with Type 1 diabetes, and now we have the 
opportunity to create new research for millions of Type 2 patients requiring 
insulin to maintain a healthy life. We are extremely pleased to be working 
with the American Diabetes Association on this important study, and believe 
the research results will be of particular interest to the Health Care 
Financing Administration which administers the Medicare program." 

Terry Gregg, MiniMed's President and Chief Operating Officer, added, "Type 2 
diabetes among older Americans is a major health problem in the United 
States. The prevalence of diabetes increases with age, with approximately one 
out of five people over the age of 65 having diabetes. MiniMed is committed 
to advancing solutions for all diabetes patients, and is honored to work with 
the American Diabetes Association, and two nationally recognized clinical 
scientists, William Herman, M.D. through the University of Michigan, and 
Philip Raskin, M.D., through the University of Texas-Southwestern Medical 

Davida F. Kruger, MSN, RN, Chair of the Board for the American Diabetes 
Association's Research Foundation, added, "The American Diabetes Association 
applauds MiniMed for its ongoing commitment to helping diabetes patients and 
health care professionals more effectively manage this serious disease. There 
is a natural alliance between the American Diabetes Association and MiniMed 
because each has a mission aimed at improving the lives of people with 
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