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[IP] Soaps and D kids attn: Dauna

Hi Dauna!  It is I the "no life" one here...(LOL) Now I COULD tell you what
will happen on GH----but I won't LOL!  I am just pleased that there is some
awareness of kids with D out there.  As long as they are accurate and being
advised by people in the know I am thrilled!  Funny thing was that when my
son, (the 5 year old pumping wonder-boy) was watching Raul on Y&R, he was
begging him not to drink the pop! LOL I was laughing inside that my son knows
so much about his diabetes already!  Then I saw him telling his little friend
that "that boy has diabetes like me, but he is in the hospital because he has
ketones."  (Normally I do not encourage my son to watch soaps, but he was
interested in this storyline for obvious reasons.)

Anyway, thought I would say that not only do I read "spoiler"  I also read the
last chapter of a book FIRST!!  What does that say about me????  LOLOLOLO

Take care all!
(son 5, email @ redacted, pumping 9 months)
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