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Re: [IP] 511

> The website says "Easy to fill and load reservoirs", so it doesn't sound
> they will be prefilled.  And it says "Compatible with MiniMed's most
> infusion sets (at same price) -Including Sof-set, Sof-set Micro and
> Silhouette" -- if it fits those, doesn't it have to fit the other brands

Ah! No! Not really.

This issue was discussed in detail at the MM Chat session. MM is defining
their words a little differently than most of us do. When they refer to
Sof-set, Sof-set Micro and Silhouette they are talking about the business
(canula) end of the set. They intend to supply these sets with either a
Luer-lok on the tubing end (the current standard) or with the special
Paradigm connection on the tubing end. The sets will cost the same
regardless of which connector you get but the connectors are not
interchangeable. A set bought for the Paradigm will not work with a MM 508
or a D-tron and vice-versa.

Only sets with the connector designed for the Paradigm will work for that
pump. It was not clear if anyone except MM will be making these sets however
it is clear that the current sets made by other manufactures will not work
with the Paradigm. On first pass this seems like a loss of flexibility but
in real life I have always had to special order supplies anyway so maybe it
isn't particularly important. That of course is only MHO.
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