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[IP] Natalee's grades

Crystal wrote, in part:
>>>>I am hoping that I can persuade the school to allow her to go on with her
class to High School, knowing that we should be well on our way with the
pump, thus allowing her to maintain that normal life all teenagers want.
<snip> Sorry this is so long, just found it so easy to vent once I get going
on this thing. >>>>

FIRST: Do not apologize for venting. Who else is going to understand and
sometimes these things need to come out. (~_^)

Okay, now: I too hope they allow Natalee to continue on with her class. If
they do, can you get some tutoring for her to help on the *learnin'* she
missed out on? When I was dx'd in 1950 I was in the hospital for 16 days, then
not released to return to school for another few weeks. Mom was not concerned
about studies I was missing and evidently the teacher wasn't either. I really
don't know what I missed out on in that period, but the last grading period
that year (6th grade) I remember crying because I got only 5 A's instead of
all 6. (I think I was upset cuz I thought I'd get praise and realize now that
still wouldn't have happened.) But, I find gaps every once in awhile of
something in my education that I attribute to that period. I joke that *I must
have been sick that day.*
If Natalee doesn't get what she missed out on and is moved ahead anyway,
she'll suffer in several ways - not ever catching up to her full potential. My
penny and a half's worth. (~_^)

Jan - who didn't go to college because it would have been a waste of $$ on
someone who was going to die anyway. http://maxpages.com/bludasue
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