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[IP] docs and their patients

Michael, et.al.
There may be too much complaining about docs, and there may be a few good
docs that care.
That been said, there are many many docs that are just informed enough about
DM, its implications, treatment, and
The daily trama. Many docs just want to do the very least for their
patients...and make the most money. The day of the
Caring doctor is sadly over in my opion, except for the rare exception.

I base this on my personal years of experiences, those of my wife, and RN,
and others I have known.

In the Past TWO YEARS ALONE - 
1.	Doctors have MISSED completely a 5 pound type3 colon cancer - almost
cost my life
2.	Miss-dx'd my DM for 4 years as type II, when a simple blood test
would show that I was a Late onset Type I
3.	Given me a 10x shot of insulin - and did not realize their mistake
4.	After the 10x overdose - would not admit to the mistake, and wanted
me to "leave the office - and drive myself to theER"
5.	Missed my neighibor's heart attack(at a MAJOR Large level I trama
6.	Dispensed wrong meds x5
	And on and on and on.....
Read ANY medical profesional journal and you will find that the number and
severity of mistakes are increasing and
At an increasing rate. The accountability and displinary actions are
DECREASING until it is almost a laughing matter to
Many many doctors. 

Yes a few HIGH PROFILE cases of law suits have been won, but the is the RARE
exception, not the rule.

In particular, in DM care - the Patient must take personal responsibility
for their health care - almost in spite of the Doctors involved.

Just my opinion....but take heed...its your life they are dealing with....

Enjoy each day...
Carl R. Findeiss
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