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Re: [IP] basal questions

> I have put an email in to our endo (yesterday morning and again this
> morning) and have not heard back from him on this yet, so I figured
> I would ask here too. My 10yo daughter's bgs have been running high
> all day for the last couple of weeks so I raised her basals on
> Saturday (a total of about 5-6u.) There has been very little to no
> improvement since then. I am beginning to wonder if she is being
> overinsulinized and *lowering* them might actually be the answer. I
> can't tell if it is that or if this is insulin resistance and we
> need to go up on them even more. 
Adolescents can have dramatic changes in basal requirements. To 
determine what is going on you need to do some fasting bg testing. 
I've seen changes in basal requirements of 50% or more in my 
daughter -- not for a while now, but when she was younger and going 
through growth spurts.

Don't discount a sneaky virus or infection -- this can cause 
increased insulin requirements as well.

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