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Re: [IP] Adjusting

> last week i went off of the pump for the weekend (back to shots). i
> am gearing up for the summer. this will be my first summer with the
> pump. my doctor told me i could discontect at anytime as long as i
> injected. so i thought i would try it out. i felt aweful. my sugars
> were up and down and up an down. i am just wondering, is that really
> how i have felt for 20yrs? does the pump make me feel that better?
> or was i just doing something wrong? i love watersports. so what can
> i do to make my time without the pump better?

Disconnecting should not be a problem. Lily usually boluses the next 
hours basal requirement ahead of time unless she is on the low side 
of 100. Checks every couple of hours and boluses missed insulin + the 
next hour .... again. If you are actually in cold water, you may not 
need some of the insulin anyway. For longer periods of time, Lily 
shoots some regular into the infusion disconnect to cover basal 
requirements for 4+ hours at a time. You can still hook up during 
that time to bolus for snacks or meals.

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