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Re: [IP] Adjusting

last week i went off of the pump for the weekend (back to shots). i am 
gearing up for the summer. this will be my first summer with the pump. my 
doctor told me i could discontect at anytime as long as i injected. so i 
thought i would try it out. i felt aweful. my sugars were up and down and up 
an down. i am just wondering, is that really how i have felt for 20yrs? does 
the pump make me feel that better? or was i just doing something wrong? i 
love watersports. so what can i do to make my time without the pump better?

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> > Does it take a while to get those stable BGs? I was under the impression
> > that I'd go on this thing and my numbers would be terrific every time I
> >
>it is a lot of work, and there is a steep learning curve that goes along 
>it.  unfortunately, i dont think there are very many people who go on the
>pump and have terrific numbers every time immediately after starting :O(  i
>wish i did, although there may be some.  it does take time and in my 
>it's well worth it.  hopefully things will get better for you soon!
>best of luck to you,
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