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Re: [IP] I FINALLY got my pump!

In a message dated 4/27/2001 11:18:05 AM, email @ redacted writes:

<< She actually went into full acidosis while at a concert and would not go 
the doctors because she would fail the class if the concert was not 
completed >>

Speaking for myself, I had a horrible time with an eating disorder 
(compulsive overeating) as a teen. This continued when I was diagnosed at age 
19. My blood sugars were terrible - drinking water by the gallon and peeing 
all the time. Amazingly I never ended up in the hospital. I was however 
miserable and depressed. I kept this all a secret from everybody - I didn't 
eat in front of other people. Once I was horrified when my brother discovered 
that practically all of a package of cookies was gone after one day. In my 
case this problem was directly related to trauma. Psychotherapy was the only 
thing that saved me. I had to work on healing my broken heart in order to be 
able to take care of myself. With shots/carb counting/exercise it seems to me 
that your daughter would be having some blood sugar swings, but not the kind 
you describe.

I hope that this info is helpful.

dx, 1975
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