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Re: [IP] what a day what a day

>this a day that will live in infamy.....27 years ago today I wrote in my diary
>"found out I have diabetes.  mom cried. played at Karen's house"
>Sara Smarty Pants
>dxed age 10, pumping 8 years.


What a day!  What memories that make us all more able ot understand and be
compasionate to others. What memories that make us learn to control how we
think about things.

Sometime in the next week is my "anniversary" as well.  At age nine I
remember the "shame on you" my mom delivered as I broke the news to her.
Then after several days' wait to get into the hospital the standard:  "One
needle a day isn't so bad.  There will be a cure in a year or two anyway".


Congratulations, Sara, on your endurance and success to make it so far! :)

Darrin Parker - Nova Scotia, Canada!
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