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>i was just talking with my now-again boyfriend and he had talked me through
>my low earlier to make sure i didn't go out of it so he could call 911 for me
>(he lives 500 miles away).  i don't remember much, but he said i started
>crying really hard where he could barely understand me and i kept saying
>things like "i want my mommy" and "i hate this... i just want to die!"  he
>said i kept saying "oh no, i'm about to have a seizure.. i just hope i can
>die while i'm having it."
>i'm sure many of you have felt this way, but do you ever say things like this
>only at times when you are low?


As the old proverb goes:  "A drunk man's words are a sober man's thoughts".
I wonder if this is the case for many when hypo?

IME:  Hypos, esp long-drawn our ones back on MDI always made/makes me think
and say things that I know are within my mind but otherwise would not
surface.  NO, I have never said:  "i want mommy" but I have said:  "I don't
care anymore - I just want to die".  IN past a lot of frustration about
the hypo itself and trials of DM in general come out when hypo.  In our
glucose-starved minds being hypo and seeing in the moment diabetes making
it difficult to find spouces or friends is yet another reason to want to

That's the problem with bg's outside of normal range.  Whereas depressoin
is simply the inability to think correctly; we all go there when hyper or
hypo and for those of us already dperessed it's worse.  That was
interesting stat you posted last week:  "75% of all people diagnosed with
depression are then diag w/ diabetes wihtin four years".

I know you've had really rough week.  Doesn't feel good to be out of
control even whenit's due to a hypo.  I wish the best *this* week and all
the power to ya, Gina!

Darrin Parker - Nova Scotia, Canada!
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