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[IP] a 511 by any other name is still a 511

Wayne wrote

> Sarah

ARGHHHHHHHHH  take that H back!!!

> what's so bad about the 511?   

well i made my list of what i didnt like but it has already been clarified 
that you CAN use regular supplies, so my list is irrelevant....

> bet you don't like Office 2001 either *

yup - i was upgraded screaming and kicking to Windows 95..in 1998 and only 
just last year moved to WIN 98...and baby, I use Office 2000 still

> should probably have a betting pool on what MM will call it.

well maybe before they release the 511 they will CURE diabetes with all this 
"new" research going on (ha) and put the damn company out of business for 
diabetes!!  I really wouldnt mind then if my stock plummeted!!

> Waiting for the 666-devil may care-model

heh heh.....me too

> And why don't you want that vibration?  

wear out them batteries WAYYYYYYYY too fast....

> maybe find a new place to hang the pump ;-)

hang?  i am thinking about little kayla, with it tucked in her drawers....i 
know Kasey, she isnt little kayla anymore...but still....

ducking and running

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