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[IP] Re: Mom feels BAD!

You're only human.  At least you caught your mistake and have probably 
learned from it.  We've all done "stupid" things.  I've had D for 18 years.  
When I was on shots, I forgot twice to take my injection in the morning and 
was 400 and nauseated by midafternoon.  And after starting the pump, I 
foolishly turned off the sound (I was running a temp basal and did not want 
to make "beeps"  during my daughter's First Reconciliation ceremony at 
church.)  Anyway, the next day I turned the pump to "stop" mode to reprogram 
a basal rate, got a phone call and forgot to put it back in "run" mode.   If 
I hadn't turned off the beeps, I would have instantly been alerted to the 
fact that my pump was in stop mode.  To make matters worse, I was basal 
testing, so I was skipping lunch that day.  If I had tried to bolus, I would 
also have been alerted to the fact that my pump was in stop mode.  I was 
testing every hour or so because I was basal testing, but my blood sugars 
didn't get that high.  After three and a half hours in stop, I was only 150.  
But after five hours I was ready to vomit, my blood sugar was 300+, and when 
I tested I had "large" amounts of ketones in my urine.  It took a ton of 
insulin to get myself back in the normal range because of the ketones.  Boy 
did I feel stupid!  What lesson did I learn?  Who cares if you make a few 
beeps in church or anywhere.  Those beeps are a necessary backup to an all 
too common problem - human error!
We all make mistakes and there's no point beating yourself up about it.
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