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[IP] Erica's Quickset Experience - 10 days - get your coffee :)

We have been using the quicksets for ten days now.  WE have plenty of
inventory!!  REceived the samples (4) within two business days from time of
request, with a free quickserter.  After using the samples (very
inconclusively I may add) we ordered 2 boxes from our supplier. Price for a
box of 10 from our supplier in Eastern Canada is $166.99 which is the same
price we would pay for a box of 10 complete sils.  There is a difference of
$40cdn in the cost of a combo box of sils $129.99(5 complete sets + 5 sils
without tubing) vs the 10 complete sets.  If you take advantage of that
saving, the price of the Quickset  will definitely hurt the pocketbook of
people who have little/no insurance coverage.  I don't know if they can make a
combo set with the Quickset because of the design for use with the
Quickserter.   You need to use the blue cap that comes with each quickset and
it is installed c/w tubing in the package.  The blue cap can't be reused
because it includes the introductory needle.  So, unlike the sils where we can
save $40 on a combo set box of 5/5 compared to 10 full sets in a box, it looks
like we will be stuck with the higher price.

Other things we have noticed....
  a.. Yes it does disconnect at the site like the Silhouette.  We leave the
tubing on the new set for the purpose of inserting it with the Quickserter,
but then remove the new tubing and rehook up the old.  We will be back to
'anyone know any good uses for tubing again' if we continue to use the
  b.. YMMV!  At present, Erica requires 25% increase in her basal rate and
amount of insulin used for boluses.  I was blaming the outrageous high sugars
on the cold in the beginning, but Erica had never had a problem with such high
sugars throughout an illness.  They would be elevated.....but not like this.
Since adjusting both the basal rate AND the amount bolused, things have
settleddown somewhat but we still need more time to come to a conclusion.
Trying a new set when Erica had a cold was not planned.....just bad luck
  c.. HATE the fact that I cannot see the insertion site through a window!
Especially with a new type of infusion set.
  d.. Love the fact that Erica will be able to self insert.....we are working
on it.  Although she hates a site change with the Sil, she still prefers it to
the Quickset.  Capping the Sil was never an issue for showers (when she swims
I insist on her capping it) but the quickset feels so much bigger to her that
she feels she must cap it or it will catch on something.  I am sure that she
will get more comfortable with it in time.  Right now she feels like she has a
bolt sticking out of her LOL!
  e.. It is adult proof!  Erica has absolutely no problem twisting the cap to
disconnect, or reconnect, while I can't do it LOL!  I think I am pressing the
sides too hard.  When I ask her to let me try, I fumble around and finally she
gives me the "oh mom' look and takes it upon herself.  Damn it...I will do it
sooner or later <VBG>
  f.. Yes, the tape is wonderful.  We have never had a problem with our
Silhouette tape but this does seem to be even stickier.  No signs of any
irritation from the tape.  We never did have that problem
either.....ooofff...knock on wood.
  g.. Erica doesn't like the look of her site when the Quickset is removed.
They have been clean and heal well (so far), but she didn't like the look of
the little hole in her backside <g>.  The skin surrounding the insertion hole
is pushed in and the little hole is dead center.  Sort of like a really realy
really shallow round crater with a teensy weensy hole in the middle.  hard to
describe. Hopefully she will heal from these like she does with her sils,
never had pump bumps, scarring, red dots or any such stuff.  First sign of any
of those and the quicksets will be out the door!
  h.. The jury is still out.  We will continue to use the Quickset for a few
weeks to get a better idea of what the 'big meal deal' is.  If we hadn't made
the basal and bolus ratio change they would now be up for grabs because I did
not like those high stubborn sugars. If things continue to improve with our
changes (fasting basals coming soon), they will be a great substitue for the
Silhouette when Erica is required to make her own site change.  The price of
them is a little hard to take though...so I don't know if it will become THE
I think it was Sara who mentioned something about why make the 511?  I do
believe in improving things, and it is nice to have the little bells and
whistles, BUT the prices on these supplies keep increasing and increasing and
increasing!!!  The 508 is great with its multiple basal profiles, low insulin
alarm, and the lock on it.  (we have a 507C) Families with little children
appreciate that very much.  BUT, I am sure they would be happier sticking with
their 508 until the cows came home rather than pay increasingly higher prices
for new products.  A rock and a hard place situation.  I appreciate the
independence that the Quickset might give to Erica, but don't appreciate that
the price is $40 more a box than the sil combo box. The less choices we have
to make the easier it is to do so and make do with what you have, I know that,
but then they come along with a product that might make our lives a little
easier.....but at what cost$$  Six...half a dozen.....six....half a

Barb, mom to Erica, A Canadian Butterfly
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