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Re: [IP] Mom feels BAD!!!

Thank goodness you caught your error, but cut yourself some slack, too! You 
caught it, Rachel is fine, and it will probably be a very long time (if ever) 
before you make the same mistake again. Diabetes can be so overwhelming 
sometimes...I really freak out when I do something wrong. Fortunately, 
Stephanie's taking over most of her care, now, but she was diagnosed at 4.5 
years old, so I can identify with some of what you must be feeling. If you're 
as sleep deprived as I am (we're working on tweaking middle of the night 
basals) be sure to give yourself a chance for some extra sleep...it really 
helps the concentration!
Take care,
Betsy (mom of 11.75 yo Stephanie, pumping since 3/98)
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