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Re: [IP] Mom feels BAD!!!

In a message dated 4/27/01 8:45:57 AM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< last night I decided to lower Rachel's basal rate from .20 to .15 at 2
 am when she was 43.  And instead I changed it to 1.5.  Wow what a horrible
 mistake that could have been.  Luckily I realized what I had done.
 I know I can't change what happened and everything is okay, but I feel really
 bad and need to hear from you guys. >>

Hi Missi

Welcome to the wonderful world of human beings. :-)  It reminded me of the 
time I gave myself 22 units of Humalog (instead of NPH). I got to drink a 
real soda with sugar and eat a Chocolate Thunder from Down Under so it turned 
out OK, but geez, was that horrible of me?

Nope. I was being one of those darned humans. 

You caught it (which I did not until after the fact). No harm done. And 
you're going to think about it the next time and be extra-special careful. I 
know you wouldn't hurt Rachel. :-)

Jan and Elvis
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