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[IP] How to teach emergency procedures to young children?

    As far as my kids know, I have always been diabetic.  I was diagnosed 3 
years before my first was born.  They are 15, 14 and 4 years old.  They are 
accepting and supportive, thanks to some coaching and great modeling of 
attitude by my husband. When I awfulize or feel bad about imposing on my 
family he states, "Sometimes it's not fun, but this is life for us and we're 
in it together. We've all got to do our best and help each other out. We're a 

 My older kids have seen some pretty tough pre-pump days, learned a lot and 
rescued me a few times. Over the course of 15 years, not bad, but I still 
feel bad sometimes about what an awesome load that is for a kid to face, 
rescuing a parent.  Although, overall, I feel they have developed into 
stronger and very well balanced young people because of it.  

    My four year old is not as aware of the dangers of my diabetes.  Life 
seems much like the life of her other playmates except that her mommy has a 
pump clipped to her that needs to be in a box when she swims and that mommy 
doesn't eat much sugar.  She doesn't know my "lows" and "highs" like my older 
kids did.  
They were 5 and 4 when I had my first EMT assistance.  My kindergarten son 
made the 911 call because they had talked about it in school that week.  He 
first had my 4 year old son try to feed my a popsicle to "wake me up."  Thank 
God he knew what to do.  I did not teach him.
    My question is this: How do you speak to very young children about your 
diabetes?  Have you taught them to dial 911?  Do they know when you are low 
and what to do?  
    My four year old has a toy teaching telephone with 911 on it and I found 
a "teachable" moment to bring up when she would need to do that for mommy's 
diabetes and she appeared frightened.  We talked about it briefly and she 
moved on to coloring.  I have lived this scene before, yet need some 
assistance and ideas for developmentally appropriate wording or suggestions 
of books/articles on this subject.
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