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Re: [IP] 511

Sarah, what's so bad about the 511?   I bet you don't like Office 
2001 either *S* Maybe you should wait for the next model, though we 
should probably have a betting pool on what MM will call it.  Since 
they skipped 509 and 510, one can only speculate on the next model 
number.  I'm  507er too, but have another year or more to go. 
Waiting for the 666-devil may care-model.  And I'll  bet there'll be 
a way to unfill and refill with your own cocktails if you're clever 
enough.  And why don't you want that vibration?  If you like it 
otherwise here's a legitimate chance to walk around with one and even 
maybe find a new place to hang the pump ;-)

<<<<<<<<EGAD!!!!!  Do I have serious problems with this!!!  I do NOT 
want a 511!!!
A)  The reservoirs will be pre-filled as I understand it and I just BET it
wont have MY personal cocktail of Humalog and Velosulin
B) The connections from reservoir to tubing to catheter will no longer be
interchangeable with the Disetronic/Pureline brands.  You will HAVE to use
the MNMD tubing and all that..I kinda like the idea of being able to buy the
disetronic or pureline version of MNMD's silhouette, if only because COMFORT
and TENDER are easier to type that silhouette!
C) My 507 expired this past march...i am living on borrowed time now...what
if I need a new pump TOMORROW!!  do i have towait until late summer to get
D) Heck I don't even want a 508.  If I wanted a device that vibrated, it sure
wouldn't be an insulin pump   }-}
heh heh
Sara SP>>>>>>>>>>
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