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Hey Gina,

  Our endo told me to avoid glucagon except for last minute emergencies 
because it WILL make you really sick afterwards, for some reason.  Again this 
is probably a YMMV thing but I've heard too many people say the same thing 
about it!  There has to be SOME truth in it.

  Hey girl, here is an idea..get a Cinnabun, have it put in one of those 
glass bottles with a cork and hang alittle hammer around the neck of the 
bottle and put a sign on it saying...BREAK GLASS IN CASE OF EMERGENCY!!!  

  Sorry, I had to say this, especially since I know you are not feeling very 
good right now.  I think you need to RETHINK your Carb/Insulin ratios here.  
This should NOT be happening.  Re read THE CHAPTER and see what you might be 

  And Gina, your EX sounds like he shouldn't be an EX after all...he sounds 
like someone that might actually be a KEEPER!!  Re think throwing him away 

Good Luck!   Should I send you that "Cinnabun In A Bottle"?  Gee I wonder if 
I could make money off of this thing....HMMMMMMMM.....!!!

mom to Josh
'pumping' one day!
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