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Re: [IP] RE: Diabetic for a day . . .

Hey Lindy,

  For my time as a DMer/IPer I am using Josh's ratios and bolusing according 
to what he needs.  I am checking my BGs and recording my boluses and carbs 
just like Josh.  It makes it simple that way and keeps me inline with Josh.  
Oh and I don't know if I said this but I am planning on doing the pump for 
the two weeks that the vial of saline should last!!!  So this is more than 
just a day...

  By the way everyone, the first thing Josh asked me when I got home today ( 
he beat me home by a few minutes) was to ask me if I still had the pump on!  
It also surprised him today when the school lady called me about him being 
high at lunch (forgot breakfast bolus) and I told her to tell him that my 
lunch BG was 98.  Oh and I was also informed by both Josh and my husband that 
when I get up to check Josh's BGs in the middle of the night that they expect 
me to check MINE too....HMMMMM...!!!!!  Now for sleeping with the 

mom to Joshua
'pumping' for one day!!!
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