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Re: [IP] Looking for Info about people's allergic reactions to infusion sets....


 Your hunch about it taking a month to kick in is probably a good one.  My 
son Joshua (now nine) got a really bad infection last year.  It even required 
oral antibiotics.  Ever since then I have been using a topical, over the 
counter, antibiotic ointment on all of his sites after they are cleaned up 
and not only does he NOT get any infections, this seems to help the healing 
process because his old sites disappear within 24 hours...I'm NOT kidding!  
He has practically no scarring now and those little 'freckles' are so little 
that they are barely noticebale.  You might want to try this too.  God Luck!  

  Oh and you are right about the Quick Sets too!!  They are FANTASTIC.  We 
are waiting for our first order to arrive!

mom to Joshua
'pumping' one day (on saline- to help my son out)
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