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[IP] 511/508 whatever

i do not desire giving up the advantages of my 508 for a 511. I like to mix my
own insulin, I like to use sets of my own choice. my next pump, I'll try for
the Animas or get a remanufactured 508 with a new warranty.i am not disturbed
by the minor inconveniences which minimed chose to address, essentially
non-issues for most of us. rather than redesign the hardware, the software
could have been brought up to date, like multitasking, a message screen easier
to read, screen confirmation of audio boluses, more efficient battery use,
user pump downloads.command stacking.if they were so concerned about
reservoirs why not a piston that reset the amount of insulin remaining in the
reservoir instead of relying on me, dr demento to do it. redesign of a glass
reservoir so it is easier to fill, the improvements seem to address a concern
to lock mm users into using minimed supplies, a command cancel button. louder
alarms for those of us fortunate enough to reach the senium with iddm who just
don't hear that well anymore spot i mean really people.
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